Tuesday, September 19, 2006

But first, I must post to my blog

Today's project: painting the kitchen. I've already spent part of two days starting this project and today is the day that I hope to get most of it done. The kitchen was white and I thought it needed a little livening up. (Livening? Does that look right? It didn't to me, but I spell checked it and sure enough...livening. Do you ever have that experience where a word suddenly just looks wrong, even though you're pretty sure it's right. Strange.)

So I'm drinking Trader Joe's Organic Nicaraguan coffee (I keep asking Ray how to say Nee-carr-ah-wen-say...is that right?), which is really good stuff, and trying to get motivated, as this painting project has many little details that require standing on the kitchen counters and appliances. I've already given myself two bruises from climbing up and down, and I'm not looking forward to standing on the stove top.

But, painting is an excellent time to listen to music, especially to unearth some old cds that I haven't listened to in ages. My favorites are the unmarked mixed cds that you put in the stereo not knowing what you're gonna get.

This will be the approximate color of the new kitchen...

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dunsany said...

nicaraguense - nee-karra-gwen-say

But roll the R and stretch the gwen (guh-when)

And say it all fast