Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In Memory of Ramon Guillermo de Cazando el Gatito Favorito

Ramon was born in 1989 or 1990 and lived a full life until he left this world on March 13, 2006 after complications of leg tumor cancer. Adopted in November 1992, Ramon made friends easily and always looked for opportunities to be held and carried. He enjoyed naps and meals with his family, friends and neighbors. Favorite activities included talking, yelling, eating potatoes, eating turkey, hugging, sleeping with his head on the pillow and body under the covers, ripping paper and paper bags, being carried around the house, playing with his favorite stuffed toy (once resembling a bird), covert naps with Sammy, antagonizing T-Ko, biting out of affection, biting out of boredom, spraying bags and clothes on the floor, being let in and out every few minutes, stealing food off of active dinner plates and lobbying for cereal bowls in use.

Ramon -- also known as Mony, Mon-ster, The Mons, Mon Guillermo, Pure Evil, Diablito, Bones, Bone-sy, Butt Wind and Bubba -- is survived by his mother, Ray, Andy, favorite aunt Sheila, Grammy, Sammy, and all those who cherished being bit on the head or elbow while sleeping. We will miss you Mony. You were the best and softest gray cat ever.

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dunsany said...

He was one tough but lovable cat. Not only did he bully T-ko, a cat twice his size and Sammy, a dog five times his size (remember when he took a beef rib from Sammy?) but he also managed to bully a couple of humans twenty times his size. He also bullied his way into our hearts.

becca said...

I can't believe I forgot to mention ping-pong balls. He loved those!

miss d said...

I don't personally have a fun story about Ramon, but I did have fun hearing about how he came into your life. Such a personality he had and I sure will miss him.

Sheila said...

You either loved this cat or you hated him. I loved him, despite his penchant for biting or hissing at me if I stroked him in the wrong spot. I can still feel his warm, gray fur as he slept atop the blanket on the back of my couch. You'll be missed, Mony.

Rebecca said...

Becca! What a beautiful memorial to Ramon -- he sounds like he had a very distinctive personality.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Mons, how I enjoyed your evil ways. We loved the same chair and spent many hours together in it. You always made me laugh, and I know you secretly loved me as much as I loved you. Sometime love bites.
You will be missed little Gatito Favorito!

AndyW said...

Ramon's teeth were sharp, his yowl was loud, his personality never less than insistent -- in short, he was a cat's cat.

Deep in his heart of hearts, though, we know he really wanted to leave that humdrum existence behind and fulfill his secret dream life. As a scarf.

Rest in peace, our little biting friend. May the dogs in heaven cower upon your approach, the angels never shrink from a claw-filled hug and may there be a bowl of food behind every door.

... wait a second, heaven sounds a lot like Queen Anne. What's up with that?