Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving on*

Probably one out of every 8 posts I find annoying after I put them up, which is handy as it compells me to keep writing. I started working on a Best Of list, but it's just so dull I'd have to push it down if I posted it, just like I have to push the cutesy critters from the top of the blog. Sorry guys.

Anyway, since summer is upon us, and my schedule is starting to fill up, it'd be useful to do another To Do list. And what possesses me to make my To Dos open for public** consumption? Doesn't really does help keep me on track.

TO DO THIS SUMMER (June 20 - September 25)

1. Study for GRE, Sept 2
2. Train for the triathlon, Aug 20
3. Finish cleaning the garage
4. Paint the bathroom (done)
5. Possibly redo the bathroom and kitchen floors and counters
6. Help plan Ray's dad's move to Seattle
7. Decide about pursuing Ph.D. (got more info: urgency off, decision later)
8. Paint the bedroom
9. Paint the living room
10. Rip out plants in back planting bed
11. Deep clean area rugs
12. Host a BBQ
13. Lose 20 lbs.
14. Box up some cds
15. Go to Henry Art Gallery
16. Get body work done on car (done)
17. Make Iranian rice
18. Figure out research project for next year (done)
19. Fix 2 clothing items
20. Do clinical observations

*Moving On makes me think of Movin' On Up, the title song of that classic TV shoe, The Jeffersons. I have no idea why I loved this show so much, but thinking about the theme song immediately puts me in a good mood. Is Sherman Hemsley still alive? I think Wheezie (sp?) died.

**Public as in all 7 known readers of my blog.

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