Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Scene from a hammock

Ah, this is the life. The quarter is over, tests are taken, papers submitted, we've gotten outta Dodge, and I can finally relax in this hammock with nothing to do but listen to the woods. I wish I knew something about birds since I can hear several chirping around me. Let's see, there's one over here to my right, and another different kind over to my left. I'd say the one on my right is at about 40 degrees and the one of the left is at about 200 degrees. But then how does the elevation factor work, since I'm laying down, and at least one of them is several degrees "elevated" from the azimuthal field. And both of them are in my "cone of confusion" which means that I probably have their locations way off. Argh! Stop it! Stop. It.

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janie said...

Sheesh, a cone of confusion! Is that like the Bermuda Triangle of my brain? I bet all the kids get a big kick out of learning this term. Oh, and now I'm thinking about Ball of Confusion by Duran Duran. yay!!