Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Product Pitch

With Jana's foray into individual-sized wine boxes (Petit Chateau Carton?), I'm inspired to pitch my own latest discover: Trader Joe's Organic Limeade. It is very nice and refreshing by itself, or makes any cocktail experiment tastey. (Haven't tried it with Jagermeister or that Cinnamon-flavored crap, but I'd almost say this is universally true.)

Since I'm concerned that TJ's will pull this product off the shelf, please buy some and try for yourself.

Lime & Da Coconut
One cup Limeade
One shot Malibu Rum

Stir or shake with ice, adjust to taste, drink up. Serves 1.

12th Ave Sling
Juice of one orange
Juice of one lime or lemon
Shot of Amaretto
Shot of Vodka
Seltzer optional

Shake with ice, adjust limeade, alcohol to taste. Add seltzer for fizz, drink up. Serves 1-2.

1 comment:

Planet Heidi said...

If you're gonna plug TJ's, you should at least plug the simmer sauces, especially the Cuban Mojito Simmer Sauce.