Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spring break list

I don't know what to call this break between spring and summer quarters, but since it's technically still spring until June 20-something, then why not another Spring Break. Anyway, I'll post another To Do list and pretend it keeps me on track.

1. Clean the house (good go of it)
2. Clean my office space for next quarter (done)
3. Buy better running shoes (done)
4. Run twice (tennis once, 2 runs)
5. Swim twice (check)
6. Bike once (Sunday)
7. Paint a room (only looked at/thought about paint so far)
8. Clean up that one bed in the front yard, and put new plant in (this week maybe?)
9. Buy an odometer (done)
10. Buy GRE prep book (done)
11. Watch 5 DVDs (3 down)
12. Watch 1 in-theatre movie (Mission Impossible 3)
13. Take stuff in garage to Goodwill (first round done)

That's a healthy list. I'll be pretty durn proud if I get all this done.

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