Sunday, November 26, 2006

More cowbell

We went out to cowbell for a few friends doing the Seattle half- and full- Marathon. Miserable morning to run if you ask me...wet snow on the ground with rain and snow coming down...a downright sloppy mess. A group of us stood on Madison for 45 minute or so cheering for the half-marathoners, then Ray and I drove south to find the marathoners. Found them in the Mt. Baker area. We stood along Lake Washington Blvd at mile 17 watching some interesting faces...concentration, grimaces, closed eyes, smiles, pain, and lots of red cheeks.

People really seemed encouraged by the cowbell. We got lots of "thanks", thumbs up, waves, and more than a few "more cowbell!" One guy said, "Oh thank god. I didn't know if that was you or just a cowbell in my head." I don't blame you buddy -- I'd be a little nutty too at mile 17 of 26!

We walked a few miles along the route while cowbelling, looking for the last person we'd come out to see. Just as I ducked into the Port-O-Let, she ran by. Sh*t.

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