Friday, November 17, 2006

To avoid

1. Drum circles

2. People with clipboards

3. Peas

4. Needless brakers & tailgaters

5. Men who grunt abnormally loud at the gym

6. Starbucks (except Nov 1 thru Dec 31)

7. Thomas Kinkade

8. People who wholly ignore bicycles

9. Jagermeister

10. TV news and ER (for almost the same reasons)

1 comment:

miss d said...

1. Agree (I think)
2. Strongly Agree (I walk by really fast when I see those people)
3. Strongly Agree (Yuck)
4. Very Strongly Agree (This includes bus drivers)
5. Strongly Agree (Scary)
6. Strongly Disagree!! (I need my Starbucks!)
7. Agree (I don't care for his stuff)
8. Agree (This is why I don't own a bike - I'm scared of the cars on the road!)
9. Agree (Blech - ok, who am I kidding, I've never had it)
10. Undecided (I watch - but don't enjoy watching)

Not that you needed my opinion...