Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's that time again

Yes, finals are this week, so I'm studying the kitchen, playing with food, taking photos, fixing them up on the computer, and blogging about it. Very very productive. Unfortunate that I'm not in cooking, photography or writing school.

Ray's friend Mike just gave us this neat-o blender thing, which is mostly a handheld blending gadget that you can stick in most any container or glass, or on top of its own blendy-container as pictured here. Ray bought some frozen mango bits a Trader Joe's yesterday, so I've blended a few with some ginger ale to make a smoothy of sorts for lunch. Result: delish! A thicker version would easily pass for sorbet. This would go great with some gingerbread biscotti! Hmmm, I've never had gingerbread biscotti. There must be a recipe out there somewhere. I should get right on it...

(Ray's out with a friend for the day. As he walked out the door: "Get lots of studying done...don't take a nap in front of a movie." "Are you kidding," I replied. "I have way too much to do!")

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sheila said...

You are behaving just as I do when I have deadlines to meet. The closer they come, the more apt I am to research restaurants, clean the baseboards and rearrange the pantry shelves.

Keep up the "hard" work!