Monday, January 7, 2008

5 months old

You’re five months old
And we're beginning to see
Traces of your personality

You hate to nap
But bedtime’s great
(This we really appreciate)

You like to laugh
if you're not too tired
And tickling is fun
Before you expire

You’re gentle with Sammy
Though T-ko doesn’t rate
This is probably good since
Baby thumping she’d hate

You like to “talk”
Some monologues even
What are you saying?
Do you babble with reason?

“Her hair is so dark!”*
And it’s getting long
Except for the baldspots
Soon to be gone?

August, oh August
You are a funny bub
You need a bath badly
Get thee to the tub!


* Is this a surprise? Look at her dad.

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