Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sammy on Alki

I'm attempting to upload a video. Testing...testing...nope didn't work.

Okay, well I should really post something. How about neighborhood news:

- There's a jogger in our neighborhood who is probably 75 or 80. He jogs in jeans and a flannel shirt. He rocks. He'll probably live to be 140 like our next door neighbor.

- There's a Korean couple who walk the neighborhood every day. It looks like he's had a stroke, but that doesn't seem to slow them down much. They rock.

- Our next door pet, Roxy, has been a much happier camper. The little girl, who isn't so little anymore, seems to have basically moved in with her dad, so Roxy has company most of the time. This is a tremendous relief since we have much less time to bring her over to play, etc.

- I think our neighbors across the street split up. I only see her car about once a week now, and just for a brief time during the day.

- The last dog that we rescued has stayed tethered to his house lately.

- The house we like on the next block that was for sale is now up for rent.

- The daycare a few blocks away never returned my call. Good thing August is doing her 1 day/week elsewhere.

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