Saturday, April 12, 2008

Go Team Holiness

The Dalai Lama spoke to a nearly full stadium at Qwest Field today. It was a really exciting see the Dalai Lama up close and hear him say some eloquent yet simple things with humor and humility. Thanks for the Lama hook-up Sooz! (Is it wrong to use 'Lama' and 'hook-up' in the same sentence?)

What was funny was the level of stadium-ness surrounding the event. The usual peanut and kettle corn vendors were on hand outside the stadium, and inside I believe you could get hot dogs, pretzels and french fries, just like any game day. It would've been funny to bring along and wave one of those puffy #1 fingers, and have some guys paint their faces and beer guts in yellow and red. Gooooooooo Holiness!

The best thing, however, was the guy hawking tickets on the corner for the Mariners game a few hours later: "Got tickets right here. See a double header: the Dalai and baseball!"

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