Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today's top 10 topics

1. I have cold #423.

2. Letter: "I am pleased to inform you that we have recommended to the Graduate School that you be admitted Autumn quarter, 2008 to pursue your academic objectives here at the University of Washington."

3. My aunt's memorial service was nice, with the exception of some oddities,, strange eulogizing: " then I realized that I needed to file quarterly taxes, but my husband didn't think I could do this on my own, so then my business closed, but I thought maybe I could still teach piano lessons..." AND "She was in so much pain at the end. I hope my parents never have to go through that."

4. We're watching Juno tonight. Finally!

5. Made Nigella's Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake but replaced 1/2 the butter with applesauce. Stay tuned for results. **RESULTS: very good!**

6. Sammy is really showing her age more. She went for a ride in the car and needed help getting in and out. She'll be 15 on May 6.

7. Ray went to the grocery store this morning and brought back a bouquet of sunflowers.

8. I am anxious about starting school and having enough time for August and Ray and seeing friends and working out. I will need to become more efficient with my time on campus.

9. Ray has brined a chicken for dinner tonight, and it's now cooking with mushrooms and dried apples.

10. Last Saturday I got a sunburn, and this Saturday it snowed.

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