Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I should be doing

I was chatting with Jana last night about hidden talents. I think about this sometimes: everyone probably has some unknown natural skill at something they've never tried, or would excel at with a little specialized coaching. For example, Jana could be a top-notch ballroom dancer and I could be an amazing motorcycle mechanic. We may never know.

I recently got back my genetic testing results from Qtrait (I got lucky and took advantage of their beta testing deal) and learned some interesting things about myself. Some things were positive, some not so positive. Some confirmed what I already suspected and others were a bit of a surprise. One of the surprises: I have several somewhat uncommon genetic markers to be a "power athlete." Yes, it's true. Something in my DNA says that this pudgy person should have been working out and competing since the get go.

Funny thing is, I have, but with all the will and determination of a indecisive "grass is always greener" personality, a lack of confidence and some uncooperative muscle groups. I played soccer for a few years starting in grade school, but stopped because I lacked confidence and wanted to spend more time in the pool. I swam competitively for a few years, but had to give it up because of overuse injury to my deltoids. In college, I played lacrosse, but confidence and a torn ankle tendon kept me from going all out. After that I pretty much sat on my ass and got pretty decent at it, with the obligatory trips to the gym.

I finally picked up swimming again several years ago now. Whatever was going on with my deltoids had long since resolved itself. I really enjoy it, and even when I'm pretty out of shape, I still feel somewhat in sync in the pool.

So anyway, what these genetic results are telling me that it's not too late to go all out. I should really take advantage of these genes and maximize my potential in this areas, as best I can anyway. Maybe this line of thinking will light a fire. If I can get some good habits going now, and pair them with some big goals that usually work well as motivation for me, I will find ways to stick with it as my schedule really ramps up this fall.

Meanwhile, Jana, does Qtrait test for ballroom dancing proficiency?

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