Sunday, May 1, 2005

6 Raves, 1 Rant

Great weekend, this.

I met up with Mel and Susie on Friday night, as they are helping with wedding shtuff and day-of logistics. Not only are they excited about this, but they are exceptionally skilled. I am lucky!

Bought the Miss Saigon cast recording. It is guuud.

Jana hosted my shower, and while I'm not generally a shower person, it was a lovely affair, complete with brunch foods and very very nice friends.

Ray installed a superfast wireless network at home.

I pulled out a whole bunch of weeds with the fun weed-puller-outer.

Pretty good swim: 200 free, 200 kick, 200 breast, 200 free, 200 free/breast. 100 kick, 100 breast kick, 50 back, 200 free, 100 breast.

I was swimming with 2 yahoos who would not stop at the wall and let me pass, even though I was literally on one or the other's heels for a length or two. Thankfully, they both hung out at the wall more than swam, and got out of the pool for the last 20 minutes of my workout. Manners, people, please!

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