Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Travel list

I just had lunch with Jane, who was talking about a possible trip to Prague. I told her "Oh yeah! Prague is on my list of places to go!" Usually, I tell people that wherever is on my top 5 list of travel destinations, but I'm pretty sure the top 5 is really a top 17 list. But let's be clear...

1. Vietnam
2. Prague
3. Egypt
4. English countryside (& London again)
5. The Cinque Terra and Milan's Lake District
6. Japan
7. Hong Kong
8. New Orleans to Savannah via Deep South backroads
9. Samoa
10. Scandinavia
11. Small cruise to Alaska
12. Nicaragua
13. Spain
14. New England in the autumn
15. Ranch in Montana
16. New York City
17. Turkey

I know there are a few more even.


dunsany said...

My list:


Some people are lucky enough to have been to Europe multiple times.

J o r d a n said...

That would be awesome to get the chance to travel that often.

miss d said...

My top 2 are NYC and Hawaii, followed by Greece and Italy. I don't know what my last one would be...somewhere in Europe though.