Thursday, May 5, 2005


Here are all the things I've been meaning to write in the last few days (I at this moment I am not motivated to dive into any one or the other):

1. The Cambodian Party House -- good topic for a month or two, when the parties start and the beret and fatigues wearing guards are out front.

2. This one therapy client that I've wondered about after all these much potential, such a tough lot in life...wonder where she is now.

3. Lady at mall with the 3" long green fingernails. (No need to elaborate.)

4. The person who lives next to the Cambodian Party House.

5. My "new" neighborhood is really active in a family kind of way. The park nearby always has a lot of families hanging out in it. We walked by this evening and there was a multi-generational, co-ed basketball game underway...1 basket, 13 people. The rest of the courts were occupied, as was the tennis court and the play equipment.

6. "Yearbook" entries for all the donors I am (and am not) going to miss once I leave work.

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