Sunday, January 28, 2007

Favorite art, part III

H.C. Westermann
Defoliated, 1967

A few years ago, I was in Chicago for a conference. I skipped out on class one day and went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. They were installing a massive exhibit on H.C.Westermann. I peered over the ropes and was intrigued by all these amazing wooden objects and sculptures, put together in whimsical, sometimes mind boggling and often evocative ways. Alas, the exhibition wouldn't open until Friday, the day I was heading home.

I skipped out of class again later in the week and went back to the museum. I noticed a school group was getting an advanced tour of the Westermann show, and I tried to discreetly join them. Nope, said the security guy...not open to the general public. I started walking away, and another museum employee came after me and told me to go ahead and walk through. Wow. Incredible. I lucked out.

Memorial to the Idea of Man If He Was an Idea, 1958

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