Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Favorite art

Jan Van Eyk
Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride, 1434

This has long been one of my favorite paintings. I've never seen it in person. I really like everything that's happening in the scene...their expressions, his upheld hand, her hand over her belly, the little dog and the cast-off shoes at the bottom. My favorite part, however, is the mirror in the background, in which you can see the scene, obviously, from another angle, including possibly the painter. It adds so much depth and dimension!

Apparently this one is at the National Gallery in London. Make a note of that, Jana, for 2009.


jana said...

Hey, 2009 is coming up! I can't wait.

Jane said...

I've seen it in the NG, it is beautiful, absolutely glowing. When you get here, don't forget to wear the comfy shoes for all the walking and standing around.