Sunday, January 7, 2007

Uh, reviews

Sweet Land
Yep, Bob, this was a fantastic movie. It was a nice little dream where I forgot I was sitting in a theatre. Such beautiful performances and cinematography and storytelling. Made me yearn for the plains of the midwest in an earlier time. Big sky, big fields, hard work, simple life. (And beautiful people. The two main characters really lucked out, Jana and I noted.)

Seahawks 21, Cowboys 20
Ooooeee, if this wasn't one of the most fun games I've watched in a long time. The 4th quarter itself was just insanely good fun. Ray and I enjoyed fantastic seats (thank you Sooz!) and were on our feet nearly more than off. Yea for Jerramy Stevens, who redeemed all those bobbled balls, and too bad for Dallas QB Romo, who botched a place kick hold at just the right moment. Great game! (Honestly, I think the Cowboys played better, but hey, mistakes are part of sport too.)