Friday, January 12, 2007

West Seattle needs

1. A good take-out burger joint like Red Mill or Kidd Valley. As large as W. Seattle is, there isn't really anything that compares to these two Seattle burgerstitutions. When the mood strikes, we've gotten take-out from Luna Park, but it's just not the same.

2. Tutta Bella. We have to go to Wallingford or Columbia City to get Neapolitan pizza, which is no problem as there are other fine establishments to visit in both neighborhoods. Sometimes it'd be nice to have something closer to home, especially since that new Tallarico whatsit on California does NOT cut it. Hard to believe "gourmet" pizza could be that unappealing.

3. Trader Joe's. I don't mind driving to Burien or stopping in the U-District on my way home, but does TJ's know that they'd do booming business in this 'hood?

4. Third Place Books/Honey Bear Bakery. This match was made in heaven, and sadly limited to Ravenna and Lake Forest Park. Move south please!

5. Scarecrow Video! Not a chance in hell they're opening up another location, but wouldn't it be divine?!?!

Thankfully, we've got...

1. Great coffee places like Uptown Espresso, Cafe Ladro and Bird on a Wire.

2. Easy Street Records for pancakes, breakfast burritos, cds and really loud music.

3. The taco truck and other authentic Mexican foods. (La Costa makes honorable mention, though it's in Burien.)

4. The Salvadorean Bakery

5. Lee's, the Best Chinese/PanAsian Restaurant In The World. It's like you're eating at Wild Ginger, minus the swank digs and prices. And for like $5-6 bucks, you can get a great lunch.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a Starbucks?


Sheila said...

Well, babe, you just need to give me a call and we'll make another TJ run!
Oh, and I was at Lee's on Saturday meeting a friend for lunch. Five-spice beef (or something like that)... A-MA-ZING!!!

lloyd said...

My Marketing class had me thinking, "What kind of businesses could W.Seattle use? What consumer needs are there?" You answered my question in one blog. It's a great BLanswer! But doesn't McDonald's suffice for an awesome Burgerstitution? No?