Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Life is all about beginnings and ends. We celebrate the new and mourn the dying. We endeavor to enjoy what we have knowing that everything must change. Saying goodbye, while painful, is as much a part of life as saying hello.

Today, I must say goodbye to some old friends. Good friends. Friends who have seen me through big events and small daily jaunts. I love these old friends, even though I really like making new friends.

Today I will be trying on all my shoes and making decisions about who fits and who doesn't. It seems my feet have made some permanent adjustments and now I have to unload everyone who doesn't make the size cut. Oh this is painful. What if my cowboy boots don't fit anymore? Or my cute green suede flats that I got on sale and will never be on sale again (actually they probably don't even make them anymore). Or my red faux croc boots that have seen me through several fall/winter seasons. Or last year's brown BCBG kitten heels. What will I do without the Dansko maryjanes...they've been my everything for several years now.

Maybe I can get some of those shoe stretchers...those wood and metal things that you slide in your shoes to stretch the leather. That might work...a last reprieve for the dying. But first I need to face the music and try everything on.

After that, if you wear size 9.5, you're in luck. And the upside: I get to make a LOT of new friends.

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miss d said...

My god woman, you're making me SAD! I remember all those shoes. I think I'll shed a tear for you. :)