Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fat Sunday


9:20 am -- stack gingerbread pancakes, blueberry syrup

10:00 am -- coffee

10:15 am -- "throw-away" pancake, while cooking up rest of batter

11:00 am -- "deformed" pancake

noon -- Diet Coke

12:30 pm -- cappuccino

1:30 pm -- 2 "lonely" pancakes dipped in syrup while feeding August

1:50 pm -- piece of cheese

2:55 pm -- 2 small "pre-Superbowl" pancakes while watching Ray make "Superbowl Quesadillas"

3:30 pm -- quesadilla, corona + limeade

(4:20 pm -- Oooh! Ad for comedy about football in the 1920s with George Clooney! Susie, let's go!)

4:30 pm -- quesadilla

What Not To Wear - Superbowl Edition
Dear Bill Belichick: As head coach, do you really think it's appropriate to wear what looks like a hoodie with the sleeves cut off to the Superbowl? Tacky tacky tacky. Whatever...hurray Giants!

7:20 pm -- final granddaddy pancake, dribble of syrup, limeade

7:35 pm -- apple, water

8:00 pm -- commence gingerbread pancake stupor

Lant, midnight til March 23, featuring no refined sugar (maybe no pancakes either).

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