Thursday, February 28, 2008

So far, I'm a Stan fan

A few weeks ago I blogged about Stan. Stan represents the Indian corporation that just finalized the purchase of Ray's employer.

Ray's been through acquisitions before, and so far this one has had way more positives than any other. The acquiring company is large, seemingly well-run, and have expressed every interest in retaining employees. What Ray and I talk about most is the possibility of moving overseas for a few years, as the company has offices all over the world. This idea is so exciting it makes my ears twitch.

Also, as of this week, our family unit is supported by paychecks that come from a country half-way around the world. This feels...somehow satisfying. It's not that I'm anti-America per se, but I feel a bit about our mother country as I do about Starbucks. Starbucks is a great company for our local economy. From what I understand, they are a good employer and give back to the community in many ways. And they peddle pretty good coffee. However, when I have a hankering for a cuppa, I usually go elsewhere. I'd rather patronize a coffee place that doesn't occupy every other corner or has pushed out smaller independent coffee shops. And I often prefer the taste of coffee from Caffe Ladro, Cafe Allegro, Bird on a Wire, and frankly, Tully's.

It seems like we've now got one foot out the door, and it's a mystery for now whether the other foot will follow. (As for the foot that's creeping into PhD territory here at we have to have just two feet?)

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