Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Granola: the new chocolate cake

I'm about midway through my sugar-free Lant. I've made a couple of exceptions for the sake of practicality. For example, allowable items include: peanut butter, cream-style coffee additives (okay, okay, I've let a little whipped cream in my americano) and yogurt. Last Saturday, I was craving a yogurt-fruit parfait thingy, so I bought some granola to mix in.

Holy moly, have you tried this granola?

Well, I highly recommend it. If you try it, will you please tell me if it's beyond tasty or if my taste buds have changed their sense of sweet. This granola seem like the next Dairy Queen Dip Cone. Yum.

We can't buy this stuff any more. Granola has just achieved crack status. Who knew.

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