Sunday, February 24, 2008

I don't get it

Why Cameron Diaz? Why is she featured at the Oscars and invited to present an award? I could wonder about Miley Cyrus or Jessica Alba presenting for similar reasons, but they are apparently the "it" girls of the moment, so that explains something about their part at the Oscars tonight. But still I wonder...why Cameron Diaz?

When she came up on stage to present the award for cinematography, I said, "Huh? She's such a fluffhead." Then Diaz had trouble pronouncing cinematography. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe there was some great performance that I wasn't aware of...

Last year she did Shrek. The year before that it was The Holiday. And before that...In Her Shoes. That was it for those 3 years.

I guess maybe she's just everyone's favorite ditzy/perky actress with an extremely good publicist.


Natasha said...

I liked her dress though. Fluffy pink for the fluffhead.
Miley Cyrus was the one I scratched my head over. The boys watch Hannah Montana which is why I'm left saying "Huh?"

miss d said...

I was kinda wondering the same thing. There are probably more worthy ladies that could've been in her place.