Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Free day

I have 6 hours until I need to pick up August. I have already decided not to go to school today, and am giving myself a "free" day to get some stuff done and generally recoup. I'm torn between working through a To Do list, versus being a hedonist for several hours.

To Do list
read journal articles I've been meaning to get to for 2 months
pick up desk and office area
work on stats
walk Sammy
pick up paint for bedroom painting project

HeDo(nist) list
schedule massage with Michael
shop for flirty new black flats
bake something evil
take a nap
hang out at La Panier in the Market and watch tourists and drink cappuccino and read the paper
waste time on the internet (okay, a pathetic way to be a hedonist)
go to a matinee and eat evil movie popcorn

1 comment:

Author, Planet Heidi said...

Better not go to a movie!

And how in the heck would black flats be ever considered "flirty"?