Thursday, May 15, 2008


I had this post all thought out a while ago...the one about how May 13, 2008 was my 3rd Quitiversary, or the day I left my old career. Problem is that right now I can't think of any of the surely profound things I had planned to say.

Oh, except this: I am so glad I quit. I will never regret leaving a career that sucked my soul dry for more than 12 years. It's true what they say...things do work out in the end, even when it seems like there's no possible way to manage life without a certain income from a certainly horrible fit of a job.

And also: there will never be such great coworkers as the ones I spent nearly every day with for most of 5 years. Thank god good friends always last longer than jobs or careers.


miss d said...

I like this post. May I say I'm very proud of you?

I'm glad good friends last...period.

janie said...

Hey there, I'm coming up on my one year quitiversary very soon. I like that phrase! Definately the best thing about our former place of employment was/is/are the friends that were made. Interesting how it draws good folks into it's clutches. It's great to have switched it up this past year, but I'm curious to see how I will feel after 3 years you! Congrats!! You made a bold brave move and good things came your way.