Monday, May 19, 2008

Sword vs. tambourine -- who wins?

Jane and I saw the most fascinating spectacle at Greenlake today: two men loudly and heatedly arguing about religion from 25 yards or more away from each other. One resorted to belting out Jesus songs while banging his tambourine. The other kept yelling while doing something that looked like tai chi, and then -- ready for this? -- waving around a sword. We decided not to gawk and keep walking.

Crazy-person argument, performance art, reason to call emergency personnel? Some of each?

Jane, maybe we should've kept gawking. I'm dying to know what happened.

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janie said...

Yeah, maybe we could have hid behind a tree to be a less gawky. I was staring so hard! Later I was thinking that even though it seemed like the tambourine man was doing just fine against the sword man, maybe gentle police back up would have been a good idea???