Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Looks like we're staying home for Christmas, and rescheduling family Christmas for New Year's Eve. I don't know when we'll celebrate New Year's Eve. Maybe sometime in January. (Actually, that's not a bad idea. January gets so gloomy...)

Anyway, today will be a banner day anyway because:

- neighborhood taco truck gives out free tacos (hopefully we'll have time to partake)
- Trader Joe's French Truffles for $2.99
- frivolous baking
- possibly finding Santa somewhere for August photo
- Christmas Eve church service: I was really sad about not being able to go to midnight mass at St. James. I thought it would be years before August could handle 3 hours of sitting after 10 pm, but turns out they and other nearby churches have children's services earlier in the evening. Who knew! (Actually, most regular church-goers are certainly in the know, but us heathens must use the internet to discover such things.) I loves me some beautiful church music on Christmas Eve!
- making Risgryngrot rice pudding for after the service
- cleaning the house (maybe not the most fun part of the day, but necessary for full relaxation tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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