Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deep, thoughtful year-end post

Um, I really need to come up with something to say for my last post of the year. Something profound, that sums up the spirit of 2008 for me in my journey of life.

Oh well. Can't think of anything. Instead, here's the latest:

We're leaving for my family's "Christmas" tomorrow morning, so I'm trying to pack, which right now translates to blogging and thinking about looking up some Margaret Cho stand-up on YouTube, as well as the the Inaugural Shoe Drive that I read about on the West Seattle blog (great idea!), and wondering if I'll be able to go back to 100% on my special no gluten/dairy/sugar/potatoes diet including supplements, tinctures and "daily fun" naturopathic routine (heck I've spent so much on this thing so far, I can't stop now!), all while wondering if I can permanently switch to the exercise ball as my desk chair even though my back gets fatigued (since after all that is the point, right, to work out my core?) which leads me to wonder if I should suspend my gym membership since I never made it last quarter since my scheduled got so crazy, but maybe this quarter will be different -- I sure hope so -- even though I've been "resting" my wonky hip, but it doesn't seem to have gotten any better.

But who cares about all of that...let's think about 2009. Next year I'd like to: host more dinners and parties at our house, do another one-mile open water swim with a better time than last year (shouldn't be hard to do if I can FLOAT), more picnics in the summer time, start writing a story, maybe take a drawing class if there's time (not likely), stick with the naturpaths plan for at least another 6 months, and (this is my favorite one)...eliminate 250 pounds of stuff from the house by the end of January (I just pulled that number out of the air, as it sounds challenging yet doable.) Doesn't that sound like a great idea?! I'll report back.

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