Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sixteen months

I need a break from my paper writing. What a perfect time to note August's development.

August likes to run and climb. She's also hep to dancing when the mood strikes.

August can say maybe 40-50 words (or more that we just don't recognize): ball, dog, milk, please, no, yes, eyes, nose, hair, car, Elmo, baby, duck, nap.

August does not usually say Mama and Dada, though she can. These were not her first words. We think 'dog' probably was her first word.

August is 23.5 lbs and about 31 inches as of a few weeks ago.

August likes to feed her animals, give them bottles, etc.

August might be able to identify herself as "Auguh" (or so it seemed when I asked "Who's that baby?" last night when we were looking in the mirror).

August's favorite toys are her ride-on-top firetruck, Sully the monster, stacking rings, toy bottle, books, my cell phone, monkeys and her favorite teddybear.

August has a high tolerance for discomfort/pain, i.e. she's always crashing into things and doesn't seem to notice.

August likes to touch Sammy and T-ko's noses.

August sleeps 7 pm - 7 am as she has since she was 3.5 months old.

August is afraid of Tickle Me Cookie Monster, but not Cookie Monster on tv.

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