Thursday, June 28, 2007

And now for a little song

Oh Christmas in July
Will come, and happy am I
For our counter tops will bare
Fresh new "underwear"
(It's just laminate you see,
but who cares -- I'm pleased as can be!)

Our kitchen floors may need glue
Because they'll be brand new
While our bed is getting smaller
I may sleep on the floor and holler
About how much I love the checks
replacing the old floor -- blech

Fa la la, fa la la
Floors and counters to be
Fa la la, fa la la
Happy happy me

Today I sign the papers
That passes the condo caper
To another couple who love
The courtyard and loft above
But I am delighted, you see
Because no more double mortgage for me!
(To be fair, it's Ray who pays
the mortgages, day after day.)

Fa la la, fa la la
Condo goes away
Fa la la, fa la la
Condo money will pay
Fa la la, fa la la
For floors and counters, hurray!

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