Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The silver lining

The benefit of being sick is that you realize how great normal daily life can be. While I am still fighting the end of this cold, I've had a spectacular coupla days, which included:

- viewing good indie movie "Interview" with Steve Buscemi (director/actor) fielding Q&A afterwards and subsequent movie club discussion at Linda's Tavern
- interviewing and securing an awesome doula, which has already decreased my labor anxiety by half
- seeing Ray at his new job, which is such a better fit than the last one, plus it's downtown rather than dreaded Bellevue
- eating the perfect lunch (turkey sandwich from Bakemen's with a bag of Cheetos)
- getting nails done with Jana on her birthday
- buying vintage fabric at new hipster fabric store on Capitol Hill
- having the flooring guy come over in 30 minutes to plan for our new kitchen floor
- having the doctor confirm that yes, the baby is actually dancing on my bladder.

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