Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sopranos Finale

The Sopranos wraps up next Sunday, and after seeing the next to last episode tonight, I wish I had better hunches about how everything is going to conclude. I understand it wraps up in a no-chance-of-any-more-installments kind of way, but I'm flummoxed on what that'll mean. Maybe...

- Tony dies at the hand of one of Phil's goons. This seems just too predictable, so I think not.

- Tony turns himself in to the Feds out of fear of dying at the hands of one of Phil's goons. Nah, I don't think so.

- Tony dies in some silly unrelated tripping into the swimming pool while blowdrying his hair, or a good ol' massive coronary. Maybe!

- Tony's killed by one of his immediate family members...Carmela or AJ maybe. Could happen.

- Tony dies at the hand of one of his own men. Possible...maybe Paulie? (I have a hunch that Paulie is going to be a very important player in the end.)

- Tony leaves all this behind and moves to a vineyard in Sicily. That's what I would do if I were Tony.

- Tony takes his own life after seeing the writing on the wall about his demise. Hmmm, maybe.

- Tony is gravely injured in one of the above scenarios, and he joins Junior at the State funny farm. Carmela finds lost love Furio (is he still alive?) and moves to Italy. Meadow becomes the Justice Department's top legal eagle in the Organized Crime division. AJ joins the army until his dishonorable discharge for whining. Then he goes and works for Phil and gets offed immediately for being annoying.

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