Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Frickin' A, People!

Today marks the 97th dog rescue undertaken by one or both members of our household (I think I've only blogged about Rescue #1). I finally got out for a Bob walk with Sam, and a dog who's always on a lead in a yard on the next block got loose. Thankfully this is a really friendly dog, so I didn't have a scary baby/Sammy/crazy dog incident.

So, I went up to the door and knocked loudly. No answer. I tried to re-tie the broken lead. No luck. The dog seemed interested in staying near the house, so I decided to keep walking and come back and re-knock in a few minutes.

The dog followed me, and luckily I ran into a neighbor of his. The guy was nice enough to come back to the house with me and pound on their door a few more times. Then he stayed with the dog while me and my menagerie went home to get a leash. I came back and tethered the dog to the porch.

"I hope he doesn't chew through that."

"Yeah, me too."

Dear world: If you are going to adopt a dog, please be remotely decent doggie parents and keep them from getting loose*. And for god's sake, get some kind of tags for them!

* There is one exception to this rule. You know who you are, Lupe!

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Jana Kleitsch said...

Heh, I was all "but...but" and then read the last sentence. I'm glad you make exceptions. :)