Sunday, November 11, 2007

Songs for Sunday

Sunday has its own soundtrack. This has been true for years. Maybe it started when I was a kid, and Sunday was marked by going to church in the morning. Music, those Sundays, consisted of C89's gospel show while getting ready for church, the traditional and contemporary hymns while at church, Sunday school songs at Sunday school, and then hearing my brother practice riffs on his guitar in the afternoon.

The soundtrack these days is much different, and I can hardly say it's been informed by those Sundays from childhood. It has, however, not changed much in the last 10-15 years.

- Classic rock, especially Led Zeppelin
- U2
- Classical, like Mozart's Requiem
- Jazz, like Chet Baker
- Ill-titled 'adult contemporary' stuff, like Sarah McLaughlin, Patty Griffin, Neko Case (I'm not saying these artists misnamed their songs, but rather the whole category title, i.e. 'adult contemporary' seems silly and dumb.)
- And overall melancholy mixes, like what appears on the Garden State and Elizabethtown soundtracks

Music that is NOT Sunday:
- Hip hop, like Kanye West
- Reggae (definitely for Saturdays)
- Latin, like Tito Puente
- 80s music, like flashback weekends on the radio
- Fun-loving indie rock, like the Shins

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