Friday, November 23, 2007

Pumpkin pie needs its 'just desserts'*

I can't believe I've just now figured this out: pumpkin pie is underrated. Sure it gets a spectacular honor as the dessert of choice at Thanksgiving, but is this favorite only desirable one day out of 365? I admit I take pumpkin pie for granted as I rarely eat it except for Thanksgiving. This year that's going to change. It's just too damn good for an annual sampling.

When I made pumpkin pie on Wednesday night, I had a little left over pumpkin. I threw in the spices and what was left of the evaporated milk and other ingredients. I baked it in little ramekins next to the big pie for nearly as long. They came out more like little custards, and they were really delish, not to mention easy. Must do this again soon, like even later this weekend.

All in all, I guess I have to hand it to Starbucks for coming up with a seasonal pumpkin pie-inspired drink (Ray's beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte). Pumpkin pie is really best all through the fall and part of the winter. Maybe it should be my cold weather alternative to ice cream. (Well, maybe that's going too far.)

* I looked up the phrase 'just desserts' and found it's actually 'just deserts', which doesn't sound right, but uses a little known meaning of desert. Who knew. But it's cuter here wrong.

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