Monday, November 26, 2007


Me 1, Dentist 1

Since my victorious trip to the dentist about a year and a half ago, I've been pretty cocky about the state of my teeth. As of today, this era has ended.

I've put off my regular visit for the last several months, and about a week ago, a couple of teeth started bugging me. It began as simple minor achiness on the left side and back of my mouth, both upper and lower. In the last few days the aches have become more persistent and pronounced, like, I can't chew on that side. A good portion of my left jaw is sore too.

Before examining the problem area, the hygientist had some major work to do to clean things up. Apparently those darn pregnancy hormones can do a number on your teeth. (I'm beginning to wonder what can't be blamed on pregnancy hormones.) Then the dentist came in to have a look. After having me bite on that weird carbon paper, looking at my x-rays, and having a poke around, he declared he didn't know why I was having this type of pain. After more or less ruling out good old TMJ teeth grinding, his best guess: I've got "pulpitis" -- which sounds like a made-up diagnosis to me -- and if correct, the inflammation and pain should decrease over the next week.

Meanwhile, it's hurting like a mofo, enough that I had to interrupt dinner to suck on frozen bits of mango. Ugh, this better get better soon.

The good news cavities!

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Natasha said...

My post-pregnancy trip to the dentist produced 2 cavities. I never had a cavity before! Damn those pregnancy hormones.

Hope your pain goes away soon!