Friday, July 20, 2007

The bright side

1. Our bathroom is done! We can't try it out until the caulk dries, but it looks marvelous. Unless something funky happens, I will gladly recommend Gabino and his crew as contractors.

2. I feel better today and had a great swim (doctor approved swimming as part of my 4 hours of non-rest time).

3. The triage nurse said they'd probably hospitalize me before inducing hopefully no baby next week. Hopefully no hospital next week either.

4. The Tour de France is great company. My favorite rider is Alexandre V. (KAZ) who has 60+ stitches in his knees and is maintaining at 19th place overall. Michael Rasmussen (DEN) is rumored to have tested positive for doping and has been disqualified from the Olympics and something else, though will continue in the Tour (don't understand how this works).

5. Our kitchen counters are done and the whole thing looks great. God, I want to go in and mop and clean for sheer joy.

6. I have the house to myself after 4.5 days of company. It's so QUIET.

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