Thursday, July 26, 2007

Need to make it to Monday

Today started with bad news on the Tour front (can someone please figure out how to hold this major sporting event without letting these blood doping egomaniacs participate!), and me feeling kinda peuny (as my mom would say). I'm hoping it's just a sign of days on end of laying down.

If I go to the hospital, apparently they'll give me this nasty stuff to bring my blood pressure down which will actually make me feel really bad. Plus no internet access. Plus I'll have to deliver this baby early and she needs to cook a little longer. So I need to stay out of the hospital for another week. Or at least until they install the carpetting in the bedrooms on Monday. You can see how my sense of logic has gone out the window.

I probably should pack my bag tonight just in case. At least Ray bought me this cool little DVD player thing, so I'm saving up a bunch of movies to watch during "free time from hell."

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Jana Kleitsch said...

Stay home Becca! Stay put August! Keep on cookin'. I'm sending you all my good thoughts.