Thursday, July 19, 2007

If nothing else, by sheer will

There's a possibility that I will need to deliver this baby next week if my symptoms don't improve (blood pressure mostly). I don't know if it's an outside or an inside chance. However, because I am a contingency planner, I am preparing myself for the worst and expecting the best. But I also believe there's something to setting short-term goals in order to reach the longer term ones.

Longer term -- I would like to deliver this baby no earlier than Aug 15

Short-term -- I would like to make it to...

Wed, July 25...when Bretney has graciously offered to paint the baby room
Sun, July 29...when we have our big shower
Mon, July 30...when the bedrooms will get new carpeting
Tues, July 31...when we finish baby classes
Sun, Aug 5...when Jane gets hitched
Wed, Aug 15...when we take Infant CPR and will be into week 37.

I think I can -- I think I can -- I know I can -- I know I can...

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