Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tour time?

Now that the Tour is done, my body seems like it wants to go to the hospital. I've been feeling lousy on and off all weekend. I want to try to keep this baby gestating for 1 more week at least, but I'm betting the doctor will want to admit me this week and stabilize my funkiness before delivering the baby. At this point she, ie baby, hasn't rotated much, so a C-section may be in the near future. That's okay with me...let's just do what needs to be done.

Time passes weirdly on the couch. I can't believe I've been here for almost 2 weeks. I've hardly watched any movies and only read 1 book. Ray and I had plans for a really nice night out before the baby shows up, but that obviously went out of the window. It's almost as if early labor started 2 weeks ago.

I'd like to have a little time to put stuff into the baby room, fill her dresser with all of her clothes (good god, lots of clothes) and diapers and stuff. I'm hoping that I'll have one more week at home to sneak in and do that kind of thing a little at a time.


sheila said...

I was wondering about you while I was in Denver. Keep me posted!

I remember my bed rest - I thought I'd have so much time to read and relax. After a couple talk shows, lunch and some time on the computer, it's already evening!

Natasha said...

I've been checking your blog regularly to see how you're feeling and if there has been any updates. Keep them coming! Hope you are feeling OK.