Sunday, July 15, 2007


Every day for the last couple weeks, my feet and ankles have been getting more swollen and itchy. My hands have been getting in on this action too. After about 3 pm, I sort of give up on being upright, or at least try to per the nurse's suggestion. It's hard. I'm not a leisurely lay-on-the-couch sort of person for long periods of time (short periods, yes!). Since the swelling doesn't really seem to go down, even after laying in bed all night, I'm concerned this is indicative of a larger issue, one that will necessitate early delivery.

Aside from the obvious, this is NOT a good time for that as tomorrow a crew of guys is showing up to rip up our bathroom. The tub we ordered has not yet arrived to fill the hole they'll create. And the baby room is still an office.

I'm hoping the swelling is just plain ol' swelling gone wild and not a symptom of anything else. And by writing about it here, I bet it will be. I'm superstitious like that!

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